Massage therapy  

Massage therapy

Massage therapy is one of the more popular ways that people are using to relieve stress.

Massage therapists are health care professionals registered by the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

Match the job title to the job task.

1. ___ manicurist

2. ___ pedicurist

3. ___ personal trainer

4. ___ barber

5. ___ hairstylist

6. ___ electrologist

7. ___ esthetician

8. ___ image consultant

9. ___ tattoo artist

a) makes suggestions about personal appearance, including clothes and makeup and accessories

b) decorates the body with needles and permanent dye

c) uses creams, lotions and steam to clean skin pores

d) works with the feet

e) helps a client exercise

f) uses an electrical process to remove body hair

g) cuts hair, usually men’s

h) works with hands and nails

i) cuts and styles hair

Image and makeup consultant

You could work at beauty salons, department stores, cosmetics shops, image consulting companies, spas, film and television production sites or you could be self-employed. The hours can be long and you must be ready to work some evenings and weekends. Your pay may be based on a commission, an hourly rate, or a salary. Customers may also give you tips. “The field is highly competitive. You have to build a strong clientele, establish loyalty and

encourage repeat business”