The Indefinite Tenses ( Active and Passive Voice)

Exercise 1 . Read the sentences and identify the underlined tense-forms.

  1. The academic year at Oxford University runs from October to June.
  2. The Ural State Law Academy was founded in 1931.
  3. Cambridge University maintains a long tradition of student participation in sport and recreation.
  4. The academic year is divided into 2 terms.
  5. After graduating from our Academy the graduates will receive Bachelor’s degrees if they complete a four-year program successfully.
  6. Up to 2010 the course of studies lasted for 5 years.
  7. The Academy trains judges, prosecutors, jurisconsults, customs officials and other lawyers.
  8. During the academic year the students are given lectures on different subjects.
  9. At the end of the semester the students will have tests and exams.
  10. The students who will complete a six-year program will be awarded master’s degree.

Exercise 2. Underline the correct grammar form of the verb.

1. Students (provide / are provided) with hostels, well-equipped laboratories and libraries.

2. The cost of education (depends / is depended) on the college and speciality.

3. The student’s progress (evaluates / is evaluated) by means of tests and examinations in each course.

4. Young people (interest / are interested) in the specialities connected with new branches of science and technology.

5. Theory is usually (accompanies / accompanied) by practical training.

6. The programmes are (elaborated / elaborate) in accordance with the State Educational Standards.

7. The Bachelor’s Degree (awards / is awarded) after successful completion of 4 years’ full-time study.

8. Citizens of Russia have the right to education which (guarantees / is guaranteed) by the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

9. In a campus university all the buildings (are situated / situate) in one area of the city.

10. The academic year at Oxford University (divides / is divided) into three terms.

Exercise 3. Make the sentences negative.

1. We shall translate this text in class.

2. She liked to work in the evenings.

3. They finished their experiment yesterday.

4. He often works at the English laboratory.

5. The students attend lectures and seminars every day.

6. They will go on vacations to the Crimea.

Exercise 4. Put special questions to the words given in bold type.

1. We discussed the plan for the second term at the meeting.

2. The best students receive scholarships.

3. Hedidn’t follow my advice.

4. They will play footballafter the classes.

5. The seminar will take placeon Monday.

6. We goto the English labtwice a week.

7. My friend worksat the district court.

8. The students went to the canteenafter the lecture.

Exercise 5. Put the verbs in brackets into the Present, the Past or Future Indefinite Tense Active or Passive.

A. 1. We always consult a dictionary when we ( to translate ) texts.

2. My friend (to pass) admission examinations to the University last month.

3. He ( to study) at the Law Department now.

4. She ( to graduate) from the University in five years and will become a lawyer.

5.We ( not to go) to the country this Sunday.

6. They ( to participate ) in a sport competition last week.

B. 1. He ( to invite) to our place yesterday.

2. This article (to publish ) in the law journal some days ago.

3. The letter ( to post ) tomorrow.

4. The report (to deliver) by her next seminar.

5. He ( to ask) to come later.

6. English (to speak) all over the world.

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